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Never in my wildest dreams did I think that ADE would turn into our Tennessee family. Ms D has been such a positive influence to our baby girl. ADE has always been a safe place where she can express herself through the art of dance, develop relationships that will last a lifetime, learn that hard work will pay off, and develop leadership skills that she will carry into the next phase of her life. ADE is not just a dance studio, it is our family, and you would not understand what that means unless you have been apart of this studio.


I was an ADE dancer the first year it opened and the following few years after and I'm very pleased to say my daughter dances there now and she LOVES it! I'm very impressed with the teacher Ms. Kayla my little girl is crazy about her!


We love ADE! Our daughter is super happy and loves learning to dance and express herself here. She is treated with kindness and respect and shown that she is valued as a person. They have my heart because they love my child.


The best dance studio anywhere. Lots of love abounds! Ms. D and her staff loves each and every one of her students. It really is like a big family.


ADE is not just a dance studio. We are a family. The bond the kids have with each other and with Ms. D is amazing. It is something you don't find every day. The values and morals that have been instilled in the dancers are just as important as the technique. I am so grateful Destani gets to spend her senior year at her second home.


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